What Is It With Christmas?   

What Is It With Christmas?   

What Is It With Christmas?   

I don’t know if you, like me, prefer the Christmas holidays to any other time of year?  No – it’s not the snow (we don’t get any in Manchester – just rain, rain and a bit more rain).  It isn’t the food (though I do love Christmas food), and it’s not the getting merry – you can do that anytime.   

I do also love the getting all the family together and producing amazing meals and buffets on Christmas eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day (that’s a lot of celebrating) – but that is still not the reason I love Christmas.  My daughter would tell you the reason SHE loves Christmas is she is a big sucker for all Christmas movies – and especially Disney Christmas Movies.  And I tend to go along with her there – there’s nothing like A Miracle on 34th Street or The Polar Express, for bringing out the tissues and making you feel all is right with the world.  

None of the above though, is the reason I love Christmas so much.  The reason I like Christmas more than any other holiday is….everyone is on holiday.   

Now, I don’t know about you, but as a business owner I never switch off.  I am fortunate enough nowadays to have a business that means I can take a holiday or two (or a bit more some years), however – OTHER people are still working.  Our clients are still working in their businesses, and my team is still working when I am on holiday.  So even though I can kind of chill out on holiday, I am – at a low level – always on duty.  Do you know what I mean?   Perhaps you feel the same.  

However, at Christmas pretty much no-one else is working and (more importantly) they don’t expect YOU to be.  Now, my clients know that if there is an emergency – they can text me – Christmas or no Christmas.  However, they never have in 16 years and I don’t expect anyone will this year either.  And even if they did they wouldn’t expect an immediate response and I wouldn’t feel under pressure to give one, does that make sense?  

It is truly a time we can all switch off.   

Unless you are one of our amazing emergency service personnel, who will be working through the holidays.  Or work in retail (I’m so sorry!).  My youngest brother works for the emergency services and is working on Christmas Day so we won’t have him over for dinner this year – which is sad for us, but he will be with us on Boxing Day.  And it is a good job there are people like him, who are prepared to do a job which puts others before themselves every day of the year, isn’t it?  And that is what Christmas is all about surely?  

So, when we have got the business all sorted and ready for Christmas shut down, and when we have had our office Christmas dinner tonight, and when you have – spare a thought for someone who isn’t having a Christmas Day off, or who is on their own, or in hospital – and see if you can do something to make their Christmas the best holiday too.   

We have open house on Christmas Eve for friends, family and neighbours, so that the older neighbours (of whom there are quite a lot) can come and have some Christmas cheer.  And on Saturday we are going to visit our 84-year-old direct neighbour in the MRI and take him something, as he has no family in this country (at least none who visit). I am sure we could do more, and if you have any suggestions or shares about what you do at Christmas to spread the Christmas cheer – let us know.   

Otherwise, until the New Year – the team at Strategy Social Media, and Leading Women in Business would like to wish you all a very Happy and Merry Christmas and may 2018 be Your Best Year Yet! 



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