The Top 5 Trends on Social Media Right Now

The Top 5 Trends on Social Media Right Now

The Top 5 Trends on Social Media Right Now

1.Quality Content. It’s no surprise that quality content is still the most important factor on social media.  Yes – you need to be where your customers are (which is all about picking your channels and not spreading yourself too thin).  And yes – you need to be there WHEN your customers are – which is probably far more frequently than you currently are.   But above all you need to be providing value on social media.   You are interrupting your customers / potential customers – so make sure you are making it worth their while, by prioritising quality.

2.Video – and Live Video. Can I repeat myself from point one.   Quality please.   And I don’t mean you need a full studio lighting set up with the best camera equipment  – I am (again) referring to the content.  Now that doesn’t mean you have to be scripted.  In fact it can work better if you are not.  There is nothing more painful than watching someone reading off a script.  But it needs to be real.  It needs to be YOU and it needs to be adding value in some way to your audience.

3.Customer Service. 70% of Twitter users expect a response from the brand they are tweeting.   53% expect the response in an hour, and if it’s a complaint that goes up to 72% (these are all 2014 figures – so they will be higher now).  In 2014 there were 879 MILLION brand complaints on Social Media (I bet the airlines wish it had never been invented).  In 2015, 7 out of 8 messages to brands were not being responded to within 72 hours.  Bad form guys!  Be aware of this and make someone responsible for engagement on social media.

4.BE ON SOCIAL. This is especially true if you are targeting millennials – 87% of which admit to never being without their phone, and 14% of whom would not use a business that does not have a mobile site or an app.

5.Influencer Marketing. With all the noise that is out there, how can a small or start up brand get heard and grow their customer base quickly?  It’s all about getting noticed by and interacting with influencers – and how you do that is a whole other story – but the headline is this.  It is a bit like networking.  The people who get the most out of networking are generally the ones who give before they get.

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