Time for Spring Cleaning on International Happiness Day

Time for Spring Cleaning on International Happiness Day

Time for Spring Cleaning on International Happiness Day

By the time you read this International Happiness Day will have passed 😊.  Hope it was a happy one for you! It was also the Spring Equinox yesterday and that seems a good time for a bit of Spring Cleaning.

I don’t mean your house – although if you, like me, are often a bit too busy to focus on housework, then maybe a home clean and clear out may be in order!!

No – I mean your thoughts, and actions.

You see, I have recently realised how very difficult it is to get rid of programming that is ingrained, and yet how essential that is.  If you want something to change – YOU must change.  I know that sounds obvious, but it is true.  And what is also true is that most people never do.

That might sound harsh.  If you don’t believe me look around you.

How many people that you know are in the same job as they were 5 years ago that they moan about all the time?  How many people live in the same house they have lived in for 5,10,25 years.  How many people are the same weight or more, than they were unhappy with the last time you spoke to them?  How many people go on the same holiday every year?

Humans are programmed to be in their comfort zone.  And very few people ever break out of it.  I have friends who are living the exact same life they lived 20 years ago.  Only the things around them have changed.  Now if you are totally 100% happy with who you are, what you do with your days and what you have – then great.  Good for you.

But here’s the thing.  Most people are NOT.

They can tell you everything they don’t like about their life.  But they seem unable to do anything about it.  They either don’t realise, or they don’t want to admit that they have a choice.  And the choice is – stay the same or do something different.

But doing something different is a bit scary.  What if it doesn’t work?  What if people laugh at you?  What if you fail?

Sometimes people really WANT to change.  They really really do.  They just can’t.  Why is that?

It’s generally because they don’t believe that they can.  “Other people” can do it, but not them.  They don’t make the connection that because other people can do it, it means they can also do it (whatever “it” is for them).  They tell themselves that the other person has more skill, more willpower, more knowledge, more money, more support, more …..anything.  And THAT’S why the other person can do it and they can’t.

So here’s the Spring Cleaning I am talking about.  Your Thoughts.  Because you know don’t you, that thoughts become things.  Everything that was ever created by man was first a thought.  So if your current thinking got you to where you are now, what do you think will get you to where you want to be?  Certainly not the same thinking.  Does that make sense?

If you want to be somewhere else, something else, someone else – then you need to spring clean the old ways of thinking and bring in the new.

Time for some spring cleaning…….




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