The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

Have you seen the film Winnie the Pooh or read the books when you were younger. I loved them and when I had my kids the film became a staple, and because kids like to watch the same film over and over (have you noticed?), I got the words to all the songs off by heart. And I still know them now even though the kid haven’t watched the film for years.

“And what’s that got to do with business or social media Carole?”, you might be thinking. Well, two things actually.

Firstly – the fact that I can remember all the words to all the songs years later, means they were simple, memorable and they added value. They were simple in that each song had one message – one thing it was trying (successfully) to express, and therefore their message to the audience was clear. They were memorable in that they rhymed and had a different quality about them – they didn’t sound like any other song. And they added value – they enhanced the story and entertained.

So – does your messaging meet these criteria – are your marketing messages simple, different and do they add value or are they all me, me, me.

Secondly, the song above is all about uniqueness. Here are the lyrics..

The wonderful thing about tiggers

Is tiggers are wonderful things!

Their tops are made out of rubber

Their bottoms are made out of springs!

They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is

I’m the only one

So – if you want a ‘bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun,fun’ animal – Tigger is your only choice. And that’s what YOU need to be for your clients. The only choice. So how are you making yourself the only choice for your customer?

Well, that’s the tricky part isn’t it? Because not everyone can be James Dyson and invent something completely new and revolutionary. An accountant is an accountant right? And you may think your unique selling pint is your service but you could not be more wrong. Because EVERYONE thinks their service is what differentiates them.

So how DO you make your business stand out and be the obvious choice? Well, there are 3 main ways (short of acutally inventing something brand new).

1. Have an UP

2. Have a Niche

3. Have a Personality

What do I mean by that? Well let’s go through it one by one.

1. Have a Unique Proposition. In my social media business, Strategy Social Media, I identified that there are 5 main problems people have with ‘doing’ social media for business. Every business has one or more of these problems – not knowing what to say, how to say or how often to say it on which channels; not knowing how to get people to follow and build their tribes; not knowing how to create engagement opportunities to speak to those followers; not knowing how to get those people OFF social media and into their own systems so they can communicate with them in the real world; how to turn them into customers, and repeat!

That being the case I created the S.M.A.R.T. Social System to answer these 5 areas. For example the T stands for “The 90 Day Tribe Builder”. 90 days to go from zero to having a decent and engaged following.

So – you can go buy social media management, or social media marketing (2 different things by the way) from anyone. But you can ONLY get the S.M.A.R.T. Social System from us.

2. Have a niche. Yes – I know you will deal with anyone. But you can’t market that. So you need to create a niche, or niches. You need to become “The Accountant for Owner Manager Businesses” or “The Entrepreneur’s Accountancy Firm”. I know it is scary and you think you might miss out on someone who sees this marketing and thinks – ‘oh, they only work for entrepreneurs’, and that’s true – you might. But it is also true that you will probably get more entrepreneurs contacting you. Because it is easier for people to relate to and remember.

One of my customers does lease furniture for Landlords. Any landlords I come across, I always speak to about them because it is so easy to remember in my head what they do, and so easy to ‘sell it’ to someone. It is not just another leasing company who fund all sorts of thing. They sort out furniture leasing for landlords, just that. And therefore – they know everything about what a landlord needs.

3. I have said this before, vanilla is a great ice cream flavour but not so great for marketing. You cannot be all things to all people, and you have to have a personality. In this social media age, people want to get to know YOU as a person, and as a business. So – if they are going to get to know you as a PERSON, you have to have a PERSONALITY.

Here’s the thing. Some people might not like the way I write. I write informally. I write from the heart. My punctuation and grammar is pretty good, but it is not ‘old school’. My use of dashes instead or comma’s may not suit every English teacher. But I write how I speak. I start sentences with ‘And’, and I speak to you – my reader – not to ‘all of you’.

Now I have had some interesting discussions with several people about my writing style – starting with my teachers back at school who complained that I wrote ‘too informally’ and ‘like I was speaking’. Tough shit I say. I like how I write. Many other people like how I write also. And if someone else doesn’t well that’s all good too. If it puts them off using us as a company – great. They were never my ideal customer and would have just caused me angst. Do you get it? You cannot be all things to all people. You have to be YOU. You have to be Tigger! And some people will like you and some won’t, and that is absolutely fine. So be yourself, and attract the clients who like your style and don’t lose any sleep over those who don’t.

If you need some help with expressing your inner Tigger – drop me an email to

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