The Importance of Being a Helicopter

The Importance of Being a Helicopter

The Importance of Being a Helicopter

No – I’ve not lost the plot (yet), let me explain what I mean.

Would you agree that when you are in the battle you can’t always see the wood for the trees?  In the olden days – when there were foot soldiers and mounted soldiers, and no guns – the generals would go to high ground and direct the battles from there.

The reason for that is so that they could see the bigger picture and therefore be able to take a strategic view and move their troops accordingly.  If you are the footsoldier on the ground you may think you are making ground – what you can’t see the huge battalion about to arrive from around the corner, but the general up on the hill can.

The similarity to business is that, in the same way, you have to go to higher ground sometimes in order to see the bigger picture.  You need a helicopter view to be able to see thing strategically and not tactically.

It is all too easy to get sucked into doing the do – being busy and being task focused.  And sometimes it can’t be avoided, however, is it the best use of your time as the leader of your business?  Sometimes it is incredibly difficult to step out of the daily busy-ness and take a helicopter view, but it is vital.  Otherwise, months can go by and nothing changes.

However, having a strategy in itself is not enough.  Studies have shown that 95% of employees do NOT know what the company strategy actually IS.  There is a disconnect between the strategy and the finances, the strategy and recruitment, the strategy and training.  And the reasons for this might be poor communication of the strategy, or indeed having a strategy which does not match with the values and beliefs of the people in the business.

Sometimes, if there is only YOU in your business, you may not have ever really thought about what the business’ core values are, or the strategy of the business.  You may be far too busy just getting on with the daily tasks which are ever increasing on your To DO list!

And even if you HAVE a strategy, how do you know it is the right one?  Or the best way to implement it.  After all, trial and error can lead to a lot of error.  But what choice do you have if there is only you in your business?

Well, you could always  get yourself down to our “Get Sh*t Done Retreat” in Majorca in October (yes I know its really Mallorca but hey ho!).

As you know, I run a Leading Women in Business Mastermind and Networking Group, and out of that group evolved an idea.  It became clear that the mastermind environment encourages action, and that some of the best strategic ideas and tactical plans come to light during the mastermind sessions, and then sometimes in between meetings life takes over and the helicopter view becomes the view of the foot soldier again.

So here is what we are doing.

On the 2nd October we are flying over to the PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort & Spa.  From the 3 – 6 October we will experience 4 days of getting stuff done!   Come with an idea, leave on the 6, or 7th October with your Sales Funnel done – including landing page or webinar, FB and Twitter Ad (strategy and the actual ads created) to drive traffic to your landing page / webinar, and follow up emails created and automated.

All food and accommodation (in mostly single rooms) are included in the cost.  Your trainers for the 4 days will be myself and Tracey Boland-Jones – collectively known as the “Get Shit Done Girls”.  Tracey is our Sales Expert, specialising in Sales for Females – who will teach you what to do with the leads you generate from your social media and your new Sales Funnel.

As this is our first business bootcamp / retreat – we are offering this for a very low price – in return from a video testimonial at the end of the 4 days.  The cost of the 4 nights (2-5th) including accommodation and all food is just £997, or £1097 for 5 nights (2-6th) in shared accommodation, or just £20 more a night for single accommodation.

During the 4 days there will be some free time built in for you to book in a spa experience during your stay, and there will also be 1-2-1 meetings with each delegate to offer bespoke advice and strategy suggestions.

3 of the 12 places have already been pre-sold, and we expect the rest of the places to go very quickly – so if you think you are interested or you want more information then email me as soon as possible.  If you know you want a place then secure it now at this low price.  The retreat will be available to people NOT on my mailing list by the end of next week, and the price will be going up at that point.  So please do secure your place now if you want to come.

If you were to get your funnel created, including Ads, and emails it would cost you between £2000 and £5000 as an average, so at this price it is a bit of a no brainer.  And once you have been on the retreat, you walk away with a lead generation machine which 68% of businesses DO NOT have.

So – create some space and time in your business to take the helicopter view and associate with like minded business owner who want to turbo charge their business success, and get shit done!


PS – There will be other dates available, so if this date is out for you, let us know you are interested and we will let you know of the next available date, though we can’t promise it will be at this very low cost.



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