Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…..

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…..

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…..

So, you can’t have missed all the snow this week, but I don’t know what’s been more disruptive.  The snow – or the Facebook algorithm change.

The snow has caused havoc.  There have been countless road and pedestrian accidents, many businesses and schools have shut – causing chaos for kids, parents, business owners, employees and customers.  There have been train and plane cancellations causing changes of plans, delays, and cancelled plans.

The prolonged cold along with the snow has caused an increase in heating bills, massive problems for the elderly and vulnerable and loss of earnings for UK plc.

However, there are also upsides to the snow.  Prolonged cold spells are good for clearing garden pests, and apparently, for cognitive thinking.  And it’s also pretty – let’s face it!

The Facebook algorithm has also caused havoc.  There have been many ‘buggy’ days on Facebook since the announcement.  Did anyone else have the day earlier this week where the search function didn’t work and instead brought up a box of ‘trending’ items? Or how about the day when Insights was bringing up zero engagement on all your posts – when you know they had pretty good engagement which you could see when you clicked into each one individually?

It has created a lot of work for social media marketing agencies and a lot of head scratching for individuals and businesses.  There may be some upsides to it, like the ability to target organically now – but it is hard to see the upsides outweighing the downsides right now.

But here’s the thing.

Both the snow and the Facebook algorithm change are not things YOU chose to happen.  They are things that happened around you that you had no control over, and they precipitated a response.  You have had to adjust your activity to work with these new factors that have been thrust upon you, so to speak.

And that’s a bit like life, in general, isn’t it?

This weekend I had plans to go down to London and coach advanced public speakers to get better at what they do.  Then life threw in the unexpected.  First the snow.  Then waking up with a cold this morning (I rarely pick up colds).  But most importantly the last minute scheduling of a minor op for my son.  Clearly, the universe wanted me to stay home this weekend!

And so – I had to adjust my plans.  I had to react to the stuff happening around me and make the best of it.  I find it helps when you look for the upside.  So the upsides of this set of circumstances?  Well, I don’t have to risk being severely delayed in transit (last time there was a ¼ of an inch of snow in London I was trapped at Heathrow for 24 hours).

I can catch up on some work that needs to be done.  I get to support my boy and take care of myself.

And it’s the same with the Facebook algorithm. Whilst there is lots we could (very easily) moan about there, as an individual.  Actually, as a company it’s great.  The more complex Facebook make it for people to get results from Facebook, the better it is for us as a social media company of course.  And actually – the better it is for me personally.

You see, I am easily bored and therefore the more new stuff there is to learn, the better I like it.  So, as far as I am concerned – bring it on.  Let it Snow!

If you would like to learn how to use the algorithm change to the advantage of you and your business, then why not book a ticket now for the Be Inspired on International Women’s Day event next Thursday, March 8th.

I will be talking about the algorithm change as well as how you can change the algorithm of your life – any time you want.  We have 5 other incredible speakers, who will inspire and motivate you, including Marie Diamond from the film The Secret, Gill Barham The Health Coach, Cheryl Chapman Rapid Transformational Therapist, Dene Stuart, creator of The Thinking Revolution, and Dr Marion Bevington – Joy Coach and co-creator of The Find Your WHY Foundation (our co-hosts for this event).

In the evening we are pairing up with UK Fast to experience a night of networking with a myriad of Manchester’s women in business.

Find out more now – by clicking this link.

See you next week!




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