How To Price Your Products / Services

How To Price Your Products / Services

How To Price Your Products / Services

I’ve been at a workshop for the last 2 days in Heathrow.  It was an interesting 2 days. Much of what I was hearing was stuff I already know, (which was kinda reassuring),  with a few interesting personal insights and shortcuts from the trainer.

It was better in some respects and worse in others from other events that I attend / coach at.  One woman had expected that we would be ‘doing stuff’ – due to the name ‘workshop’ in all probability, and said she would not have flown in from Europe had she known it was just a repeat of the training videos which went along with the course.

Personally, I was delighted that the workshop ended at 5 ish both days – as the conferences I often am asked to coach at, tend to drift on late into the evening with no real understanding or respect for people’s physical and mental health! Lol.

Horses for courses.

Anyway – here is the interesting thing.  We were talking about how to price your product or service, and the workshop organiser at some point on Day 2, made an offer.  The offer was a 3-day workshop about creating your webinar funnel. This involved Facebook ads, a webinar funnel (registration page, thank you page, emails etc) and of course the webinar itself.  All created with you in 3 days. There were a few ‘bonuses’ of video trainings, a Facebook group, and some templates / cheat sheets.

The offer was put out at $4997 – which in today’s money is about £3,800.  This could represent very good value – depending on what you were aiming to sell on your webinar.  If you had something at £200 to sell, then 19 sales would make you your money back.

And it made me think, that perhaps I am pricing my services too cheap.

Because you see the ‘offer’ that was made was kinda the same as our “Get Shit Done Retreat” which we are holding for our women Masterminders, clients and contacts on the 3-6 October this year.  But there is a BIG difference.

First the content.  We will be creating the entire funnel – as stated above – which could be a webinar OR a landing page, all Facebook advertising and emails.  In addition to this we have a fourth day where we will be talking about sales and putting in place strategies and tactics for turning those leads created in the funnel, into paying customers.  And we also incorporate a one-2-one at the retreat, and some time on day 3 to take advantage of the spa and/or the pool.

Not only that but OUR retreat includes accommodation and all-inclusive food and drink.  AND it is at a 4* SPA Resort in MAJORCA – not a hotel in Heathrow!  So even if it were the same price, ours would represent massive additional value.

But, here’s the thing.

Because this is the first retreat we have held, and we want to generate fantastic testimonials and video footage of the 4 days, we are offering this at LESS THAN A THIRD of the price of the workshop mentioned above.  In fact, you could pay the price we are offering it at for just for 4 days in a 4* spa all inclusive, never mind the training, and the done for you elements. And you would pay £1500 just for an average funnel without the Facebook ads or emails.

So – are we too cheap?  I’d be interested in your opinion on that.  If you want to have a look at what we are going to cover and see the glorious photo’s of the resort, then have a look here.  If you are interested in coming along there are only 5 spots left out of the 12, and if you are on my email list them please email me with your query and I can invoice you direct (which will save you the Eventbrite booking fee!).

I’d be really interested in your feedback, whether can come along or not.  What do you think of the offer? Do you think it is too cheap? What would you include or take out if it was YOUR event.   And how do YOU decide on the pricing of YOUR products and services?


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