Grow Your Magnetic Business Step 1 – Passion

Grow Your Magnetic Business Step 1 – Passion

Grow Your Magnetic Business Step 1 – Passion

Grow Your Magnetic Business Step 1 – Passion


As we discussed a couple of weeks ago, there are 6 parts to the Magnetic Business System (well 7 really but I’ll come back to that).

The first part is Passion.  So, what do I mean by passion?

Well, it was probably passion that made you start your business in the first place.  And passion also encompasses your values and beliefs.

Now, often when I take on a new client in my social media business and I ask them a couple of questions – 95% of them cannot answer.  And the questions are:-

Can you tell me succinctly what the culture of your business is? What are your values?  What is Your Purpose?

They usually come out with something that either runs into several paragraphs (or pages), or they tell me something that a million other accountants/solicitors/coaches/trainers/pharmacists/(insert your own industry) also say.

They will say something like ….well we do everything that an (insert industry) does, but we have better customer service.  We really care about our customers and our purpose is to be the best (insert industry).

But you see, that’s not it.

When I set up my first business back in 2001, I had previously been regional manager of Computer Futures.  And one of the biggest pains in my ass was hiring staff, and particularly with working with recruitment agencies, who really did not understand what we were after.  They didn’t take the time to understand our culture or what we were passionate about, and just sent the same candidates they sent to everyone else.

So, I decided I was on a mission – to provide the perfect candidates to other recruitment firms.   I thought about what I was passionate about – the culture match – and the unique process I had developed in my previous role as a sales manager at Yellow Pages, which I had then added to during my time at Futures.

This passion is the reason I later wrote my Amazon book “The Book on Recruitment, From Hello to Hired – How to Find and Hire Great People and Grow Your Small Business’.

That first week of my business I rang the owner of every recruitment business in Greater Manchester.  I was after small recruitment business owners, not managers of multinationals.  And if they didn’t already know me, I explained how I had been doing their job a few weeks before, and I knew their pain.

I told them about my unique process which identifies the culture match between a business and an applicant.  Because getting it wrong can be fatal in a small business.  And I demonstrated my values on customer service, and my confidence in our unique process by giving a no-brainer, industry beating guarantee.

Within a month I had 30 clients.

So, the first “P” in the Magnetic Business System is Passion.  Because WITH passion you will naturally draw to you the people who resonate with your passion because they feel it themselves and repel those who don’t understand why you are all excited about this.  And WITHOUT passion, you are just another recruiter/accountant/solicitor/(insert your own).



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