Oh No – What Were Twitter Thinking?

Oh No – What Were Twitter Thinking?

Oh No – What Were Twitter Thinking?

You know when you go to your favourite supermarket – and you walk in and – AARRGGHH – they changed all the aisles around. Why do they DO that? You know your way round the old layout – you can be in and out in 40 minutes with a full week’s shop if you time it right. And now – your shop is going to take you twice as long.

Well, that was me – and literally hundreds of thousands of people this week on Twitter. I opened the interface to find….I had gone back in time 20 years.

Honestly – the layout has completely changed.

There are no menu tabs at the top – they are all down the side.

Rather than a tiny column on the left and right – there are 3 columns – making the middle column – your timeline – a bit more difficult to read, and with less tweets available in one go.

Which is probably the reason – they made the type so big. Perhaps they have recently done user analysis which shows the majority of their users are short sighted?

Is Change a Bad Thing Though?

Now – I know people most don’t like change as a default. But I am not one of those people. I like change. I like new. I love innovation. But this…. Well I’m not sure.

We abandoned menu tabs down the left-hand side of website 20 years ago for a reason! They didn’t work as well as menu tabs at the top.

And what is annoying is that we had changed all our clients Twitter colours to their brand Pantone colours. That option is not available as far as I can work out – just the Twitter choice of colours, which may not work for your brand.

Also Twitter moments are hidden on both desktop and mobile version – i.e. they are not obvious and you have to know where to look to find them.

I really can’t see any benefits for this new interface. It seems like the development team needed to justify their existence with a new look, whilst ignoring all practical suggestions.

I’m trying really hard to find a positive – and so here it is. Trending hashtags are a tiny bit more obvious than they were before. Yep. That’s it. Oh, and the wording is bigger – which could be a benefit if you need reading glasses.

From an agency perspective – you can switch between accounts as you can on Insta or FB – so that is a time saver – but one I would olive without to have the old Twitter back.

Oh – for NOW at least – the new Twitter is not compatible with Internet Explorer. So if you want to see how beautiful and individual Twitter looked a few days ago compared to big old fat lettered, under functional “new Twitter” – feel free to go have another last lingering look 😊

Other Changes on Social Media

1. LinkedIn Campaign Manager

There are three new advertising campaign objectives – Brand Awareness for your top of funnel stuff, Website Conversions and Job Applicants which allows you to create job ads using Campaign Manager. Copying FB much?

2. Facebook announces its digital wallet

Facebook is getting ready to launch its own digital-currency in 2020. Libra, as it’s called, is pegged to be the next big thing, a global currency that will provide secure and easy financial services. The powered blockchain digital wallet, Calibra, will let you send Libra to everyone with access to a smartphone. One of the first goals with the app is to support people with limited access to proper financial services. A big step for Facebook, folks. The app will be fully integrated with Facebook’s massive ecosystem and, according to an official source, Calibra data and Facebook data will be kept separated. You will also need a government-issued ID to create an account.

3. Facebook Scam Busting Service

This week – after pressure by Martin Lewis – Facebook users in the UK should be able to click the three dots in the top corner of every advert to see more options. On top of the usual ones, there will now be the option to “send a detailed scam report” after choosing to “report ad” and selecting “misleading or scam ad” as the reason.

4. Facebook New Ads Manager

Unlike Twitters new design, Ads Manager’s redesign actually has a purpose! And that is to more easily let you see your campaign, ad set and ads, without having to switch between too many tabs. Also unlike Twitter you can select Switch to previous version in the upper left corner to temporarily revert to the old design. Albeit – this is only a temporary option.

Ok, enough updates for one week. If you found that useful please like the article and comment. If it went over your head (and who would blame you?) and you need some help with figuring out what – if anything – it all means to YOUR social media – email kelleigh@strategysocialmedia.co.uk and get booked in for a free strategy call with one of the team

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