New Year Revolution or Resolution?

New Year Revolution or Resolution?

New Year Revolution or Resolution?

New Year Revolution




Hope you had a great one – whatever you were doing.  I did a little poll on New Year’s Eve – which was – are you out with friends or staying home to welcome in the New Year?   85% said staying in – and I don’t blame you!   Everything is SOO expensive on New Year’s Eve isn’t it?

However, there is a buzz to being out at the stroke of midnight on the eve of a new year, isn’t there?

The thing is – that buzz can quickly fade with the morning light, and as quickly as most New Year’s Resolutions – it can fizzle and soon become a memory.

So, this year I decided not to make any New Years Resolutions.  Instead, I am declaring a 2019 Revolution.  This year things will not be different…..I…. will be different.  Because here’s the thing.  You cannot change anything unless and until YOU change.

This year is going to see some radical shifts from me, and therefore in my business.  I have taken on over Christmas some great new clients and made some decisions about the direction of the business.  The biggest change this year is that I am going to be looking after me first and foremost.

I’m not sure why – but the recent passing of my 84-year-old Father in law has changed things for me in a way that the passing of even closer family members (my father and my grandparents) did not.  I believe this is because those latter passing’s were all after a period of ill health and therefore “expected”.  (Not that the moment is ever expected truly).  However, Jacques was perfectly healthy when I last saw him in France, just weeks before he passed.

That combined with my daughter starting her first full-time job, my Mother being diagnosed with a thyroid problem, and my son studying for his GCSE’s has really brought home to me how quickly time passes and how we never know how much we have left.

My Christmas present (one of them) to my Mother this year is a series of days (all marked on both our calendars) that we will spend together this year.  I have 5 retreats planned.  Our online training portal will launch this month.  And our online mastermind shortly after.  And I am focusing on my health and wellbeing first and foremost.

Because without me, none of this will happen.  The people we are going to employ this year won’t get employed.  The lives we will touch through our online programmes and retreats won’t be touched.  My Mothers special days won’t happen. Unless I look after me.

Practically – what that means – is admitting I am NOT superwoman (damn), and that I need more TEAM in order to have more TIME.

My clients will be better served by having immediate access to my team, than by waiting to speak to me.  My team will be better developed by being stretched and encouraged and trained to take more on.  My business will be in a stronger position to grow quickly with me at the helm rather than at the paddles.

On a big boat, you can only row on one side or the other.  And if you are trying to do it all you will end up going round in a circle and making no progress.

So – tell me – are you making some new years resolutions, or are you ready for a 2019 Revolution?

If you are – let me know what it is, and what I can do to support you.  Collaboration and not trying to do everything yourself is the theme of this year!

Happy New Year!!

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