Are You a Mugwump?

Are You a Mugwump?

Are You a Mugwump?

I don’t know if you, like me, are a Mugwump?  Yes, that’s right – I admit it.  I don’t mean the Naked Lunch type – dangerous alien Mugwump.  No – I’m a good old-fashioned Oxford English Dictionary Mugwump defined as “one removed or aloof from Party Politics”.

So now we have that all cleared up – what is interesting is this.

Boris Johnson called Jeremy Corbyn a “mutton-headed old Mugwump”.  And that’s what trended on Twitter.  He’s not all stupid that Boris is he.  In fact, he isn’t stupid at all or should I say ‘stupide’ since he speaks 4 languages fluently and Latin – I believe.

Boris – is clever.  And he knows that if he calls Corbyn an old twat, for example, he will be letting himself down.  Not because he is cleverer than that (which he is) not because he is afraid he will be criticised for it (which he would be but he doesn’t care) – no – the reason he would be letting himself down is because if he did call Corbyn an old twat, that isn’t really very interesting. He chose the phrase Mugwump because it grabs the attention.  It follows some of the fundamental rules of marketing and Social Media

The Basic Rules of Marketing…

So what are the rules BoJo has followed with his Mugwump analogy?

  1. Create curiosity. Unless you were at Uni with Boris, you may not have known what a Mugwump was before today (other than some high wizarding position in Harry Potter).  One of the fundamentals of marketing is creating curiosity.  For example – when Blog Writing – the headline should lead you to wanting to read the first paragraph.  The first paragraph should make you want to read the second and so on.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to create curiosity
  2. Know your audience. Although the country is embroiled in all sorts of election conversations and messages, most stuff being talked about is just not interesting enough to hit the headlines.  I’m sorry – but it is true.Let’s look at what else is trending on Twitter today.

    #MakeaBookHarmless – which is about changing book titles – my favourite so far is “The Silliness of the Lambs” with accompanying gif.  Although I do also like “Tickle a Mockingbird”.   #TheMasters (yawn golf -sorry golfers out there). #ThursdayThoughts #ScotlandYard #ApplyHere and the only thing that was even remotely connected to politics is #Whitehall – because some numpty (I am being polite – not sure why) carrying a bag of knives has been arrested. So what I am saying to you is – even if the election is probably the most important thing right now – no-one is talking about it (well not enough to trend anyway), except those people talking about BoJo and the Mugwump (sound like a great title for a book).


  1. Understand the Power of Social Media. I don’t really need to explain this one do I?  Having earlier today done some work on one of my clients Twitter accounts – (Kit Hargreaves from KlicknTap – congrats on winning a Young Entrepreneur Award this week), I had not realised how prolific the Duke of York was on Twitter.  If you think Twitter is for other people/business owners you are missing a trick.  Boris isn’t. Neither is HRH.
  2. Be Different. Boris cultivates this shambling unkempt look on purpose.  He was christened Alex Johnson – but Boris is so much more interesting isn’t it?  Since he didn’t start ‘being’ Boris till Uni, this was clearly done on purpose to get him noticed.  It worked.  These outbursts that he comes out with – don’t be mistaken into thinking he is putting his foot in it.  Well, he may be, but it is calculated not blind stupidity.

There are other important tenants of marketing – but if you remember the four above you won’t go far wrong.  You HAVE to have a personality.  No-one likes Vanilla – unless it is ice cream.  Love him or hate him, the world is talking about Boris today (and yes – there are already blogs in the USA about this subject).  So – what is there that YOU can talk about?  How can YOU grab the attention in an ever more crowded social media world?

Well, if you want to talk about how you might be able to do that – feel free to email me.  I’m happy to have a virtual coffee and a chat sometime.


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