Magnetic Business Thursday – Do You Need to Sack Some of Your Customers

Magnetic Business Thursday – Do You Need to Sack Some of Your Customers

Magnetic Business Thursday – Do You Need to Sack Some of Your Customers

I wonder if you like me, have ever wanted to sack a customer (or maybe more than one).  You know the ones – they don’t want to pay your prices, so you discount.  Then they eat up far more of your time then any of your other customers.  And nothing is ever right is it?  There is always an issue and even though you work your butt off, they are never happy.

So why not just sack them?

Well, perhaps you worry about your reputation?  Or maybe you can’t afford to sack them (and a few others) because you don’t have enough of the right sort of customers knocking on your door.  The problem is – the more time you spend on your ‘time suck’ customers – the less time you have to go out and get the ones you want.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could increase the amount of your perfect customers who were reaching out to you, instead of you having to find them?

This is vital for any business but perhaps even more so for anyone running a trades business – where they are the main estimator and often the main deliverer (or only deliverer) of the work.

That’s why I am very excited to share with you that I have been asked to collaborate in a brilliant event for trades or local businesses and we are bringing this event to Manchester on July 16th.

My friend James Dewane was a successful sparky who (like most successful entrepreneurs) at one point almost lost everything.  As a result he has spent the last 7 years developing a System for getting good quality local work – enabling his mastermind group members to be selective about the work they take on, sack the time suck clients, gain back time and finally enjoy being small business owners.

On Saturday July 16th James is coming to Manchester and he has asked me to join him and talk about how small local businesses can use social media to position themselves as the expert in their marketplace and generate a flood of local enquiries, using our S.M.A.R.T. social system.

Now spaces at this workshop are limited – however, as Magnetic Business Thursday recipient you can get a ticket at a hefty discount if you book using the link below.  If you know any tradespeople – this event will specially appeal to them, but the principles James teaches apply to any small or local business, and the Social Media Tips I share apply to any business large or small.

We also have 2 other friends of mine sharing their expertise on the day – Julie Hutchison will be taking about the best way to grow your perfect team and George T will be sharing how to avoid the financial pitfalls that many small businesses suffer with.

We ran this event in Heathrow in the Spring and it was a sell out

So if your business deals with the general public – or if you know a business that does – this event is for you.

I will be making a very special offer on the day – so if you have been thinking about how to get the best out of social media then please come along on July 16th.  Click on the link here to book – and as an extra bonus, Magnetic Business recipients can bring a guest for free.




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