Magnetic Business Seminar – 5 Top Tips on How to Run Successful Events

Magnetic Business Seminar – 5 Top Tips on How to Run Successful Events

Magnetic Business Seminar – 5 Top Tips on How to Run Successful Events

So – just in case you weren’t at the seminar at Elliott House last Friday – it was a great day and a lot was learned by the delegates – according to their feedback forms. Or maybe they were just being kind so we would buy them a drink at the pub afterwards !

But actually – when you run an event like this – or any kind of event where people pay their hard earned money and spend their precious time, to come along – it is important not only that THEY learn a ton from the day but also that YOU learn from the day.

So what did we learn?

Well, the next time we run it – here are the things I will and will not do again.

1. Make sure you go to the venue the day before and check how the AV works (I did) and make sure you have a USB stick with you in case your laptop won’t connect to their AV (I didn’t and had to email the presentations across).

2. Remember to ask for any dietary requirements on the booking forms (I didn’t – but luckily we had booked tons of salad which was helpful for Alex who is intolerant to Gluten!)

3. Make sure your content gives real value (we scored 9.1 out of 10 for this – so we can still improve, but it was a good result)

4. Get on the phone and speak to people and get out there and network with people (80% of our bookings came from previous delegates, networking contacts and clients)

5. Always do a feedback form and always ask great questions (we now know the topics for our next 2 workshops).

Oh – and here is a 6th – follow up and keep in touch. 65% of the people in the room asked for a follow up with one or more of the speakers. That is an opportunity to begin and build great business relationships – and ain’t that what life is all about?

I wish you a happy and relaxed Easter break – whatever your plans and whatever Easter means to you. To me it is a time for family, for celebration of all that means and for totally chilling out.

Right – where’s the wine, the weekend starts now!

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