Killing 2 Birds With 1 Stone

Killing 2 Birds With 1 Stone

Killing 2 Birds With 1 Stone

I love doing that don’t you?  I mean, not literally killing birds – of course.  That would be horrible.  No – I mean achieving 2 outcomes with one piece of work.  It’s even better to achieve multiple outcomes with one piece of work.

So, whilst I love my one-2-one coaching work and I always will, I am being persuaded more and more to a one to many approach.  This is seeing the business evolving to an online training platform – where those who cannot afford the done for you service that we provide but still need the knowledge – can access training, and live Q & A calls.  Look out for that later this year.

There are a number of areas where you can get more traction by killing 2 birds!

Firstly – if you coach people, whilst you may love coaching you ARE limited by how many hours there are in a day and how many of those you need for sleep!  That’s if you coach 1-2-1.  If you coach 1-2-many then your options are open.

You might charge £150 per hour (like I do) for 1-2-1- coaching.  You might charge more.  Let’s stick with a nice round £100 an hour.   So if you go back to back for 8 hours – with perhaps 5 minutes between each session for a comfort break – then you COULD (and I really wouldn’t suggest it) do 8 mentoring sessions a day – so £800.

And if you work 5 days a week you would earn 4k a week.  Nice money (though how long you could keep that up for is questionable).  Being realistic you couldn’t do that level of coaching in 8 hours, because, we all know, when you run a business you also have to do other stuff.  Like Marketing, invoicing, planning, dealing with suppliers, sorting your social media and website, managing your diary, email etc etc.

So – say you did 4 sessions a day for just 3 days – that would be £1,200 a week.  Around 5k a month.  For 48 hours work (not including any admin associated with that).

Now instead say that you had a group coaching session for 6 people paying £100 each 3 times a week.  That £1800 a week for running 3 sessions.  OK they might be a little longer – maybe 90 minutes.  But that’s still £1800 a week or around 7+k a month – for 18 hours work.

I know which one sounds better to me.

Then there are other areas where you can kill 2 birds.  I think there is a lot of time wasted in business (certainly there has been in mine in the past) replicating stuff from new each time.  Take social media post creation and scheduling for example.  If you create templates for your stuff then it takes much less time to drop new content into the templates, than to create new posts from scratch.

You can then take those templates, tweak them a little – colours, logos etc, and use them for your other business (you know all proper entrepreneurs have more than one business!!!), or last years events posts, for this years events.  You get the picture.

Then there’s communication.

Now when something important happens in our business we have a secret Facebook group for our staff – and I will drop a post or a video in there.  It saves me time telling my 3 senior people separately, more importantly it saves them time cascading that down to every one of our 14 team members.  We have a similar group for clients.  This one is not for talking about their specific account – but more about stuff that is happening globally.  So when Twitter has an outage – or Facebook and Insta and Whatsapp go down (like a few weeks ago).  Or if there is a new update which changes something.  Rather than talking individually about it to all our clients – we can let everyone know at once.

And then there is stuff that synergistically just works.

So for example – on the 29th of this month with my ‘Leading Women in Business’ hat on – we are bringing YouthTube to Manchester.

YouthTube is an organisation run by a friend of mine – Warren – and it is all about teaching kids self esteem, self belief, creativity and resilience. It teaches them how to be themselves.  How can they be their own unique self, be happy with that, and share that with the world.  It’s kind of the same thing my leading Women in business group does.

Yes on the face of it Youthtube teaches kids about YouTube, and Leading Women teaches about how to run and grow a business.  But actually, right at the heart of it, they are both about finding yourself, loving yourself, and sharing your unique gifts with the world.

And so – for one time only (maybe!), YouthTube are being hosted by Leading Women in Business.

It’s half term – so kids (up to the age of 16) can come along to one of 2 taster sessions on how to be a YouTuber.  These will probably run 12-2.30 and 3.30 – 6pm.  And for the Mums who drop their kids off who are ALSO mums in business, they can come along for a taster session of their own with the Leading Women.  Part of that session will be talking about YouTube also.

If you are interested in more details – email or go join the Leading Women in Business Facebook page/ Facebook group where you will find more details over the coming days.

I just love killing 2 birds with one stone!


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