It’s All About Your Network

It’s All About Your Network

It’s All About Your Network

Yesterday I attended one of my favourite networking events. I have been going to The Business Network, run by Helen Bennett – for….oh it must be 10 years, possibly more. I nearly dropped out after the two years, and that would have been a big mistake.

You see, whilst I have always been a fan of networking – ever since I opened my first business in 2001, like many people I guess, at first I wasn’t very good at it. Well, that’s not quite true. I was quite good at it and have built all my businesses to date on a basis of networking and growing my network.

What I mean by ‘I wasn’t very good at it’ was that I didn’t really understand the power of networking in those days. I thought networking was all about impressing people I met to the degree that they would want to do business with me. And of course, I did pick up some business, probably because I talk a lot and find it easy to get people to talk to me.

But for me, that is NOT what the power of networking is all about. Judged just on the ‘getting some business out of it’, the first 2 years of membership of The Business Network was a waste of time. I got no business out of it at all. However, something made me stay on – and in that third year I got enough business to pay for 20 years membership or more.

You see – what I figured out is this. Of course, people in your network need to know, like and trust you – that is kind of a fundamental about networking. Some professions mean naturally you have to work a bit harder at the know, like and trust bit. Recruitment is one of them. Just being honest!

But it is not just about that.

No – what I figured out was far more important about networking than an isolated job order was the secret to networking. What makes networking the best way to do business?

It is the power of mixing with the right people.

Jim Rohn said, you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. In business the people you choose to spend your time with is vital. If you spend all your time in the office with the people you already know – well that’s great, especially if they are great people. However, they work for you. So who is there to challenge you to reach greater heights?

If you join the right network, not only will you (eventually) do business with those people as they come to know, like and trust you, but you will gain a host of other benefits.

Over the years of being a member of TBN I have found clients, suppliers, friends. I have some raving fans. I have a wealth of knowledge to call upon. I have been inspired and moved. I have also been supported in some very tough times. Most of all I have renewed my passion and my belief in my dreams, every time I go there. Because of the people I meet and the stories I hear, I KNOW I can do better, do more, BE more.

And that is the real power of networking for me.

If you would like to experience the wonderful power of meeting the right people in a networking environment and being inspired to do more and be more, please come along to the Magnetic Business Seminar on March the 18th.

It is a day filled with inspirational speakers, you are welcome to part or all of the day. The details are here Magnetic Business Seminar and since you are on my email list I am going to extend you the same offer I made yesterday to everyone at the Business Network – click this link to book and you can come for just £20 (well £21 including Eventbrite fees).

Just £21 and some time spent on yourself, so you can do more and be more. That’s gotta be worth it?

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  1. Helen Bennett

    Thank you Carole and I am so delighted that The Business Network in Manchester and beyond has proved so fruitful for you over the years and you are quite right – they are a wonderful group of very talented senior decision makers and it is a privilege to host the group there.

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