The Importance Of Investing… In Yourself

The Importance Of Investing… In Yourself

The Importance Of Investing… In Yourself

This week I am coaching at a 7 day Elite Training Programme for people who want to be world class public speakers.   So far we have done 3 long days – 2 x 12 hour days and today – which was ‘only’ 10 hours.  It is a proper full immersion experience for the delegates as the 18 of them have 7 coaches giving them input and critique on their stuff.

Having coached in this company for many years it has been my observation that the people who go on to make actual money from this program are the people who spent the most money on it.   So the people who spend a lot of money on learning their craft – inevitably go on the recoup that money many times over.

And I got to wondering why.

Is it that the quality of the training is SO much better than the lower level training?   Is it that they spend more time doing it?  Is it that they are more committed because they have paid the big bucks?   Well…nearly.

I think that actually they were more committed and THEREFORE they paid the money – and not the other way around.  The people on this program are the people in life that implement stuff.  They are the do-ers – not the thinkers, not the talkers and not the dreamers.  They are not the people who like to win, they are the people who refuse to lose.   They are made out of pure grit.  They are afraid but they do it anyway.

Because – trust me – it is scary standing up in front of your peers and your coaches and making a mess (which trust me – everyone does to a degree).  It takes courage, resilience and the determination to master this new skill and then implement it into your business and make some money from it.

It also takes passion and the belief in yourself.  It takes the belief that you are worth the investment.  Because it is an investment.  You see most (unsuccessful) people only see the price of moving forward, of self development.  What they often fail to see is the cost of standing still.  And my Dad always told me if you are standing still you are actually going backwards because the rest of the world is moving forwards around you.

So, let me ask you – where are you investing in yourself?   What are you doing to take your business to the next level?

If you would like a 30 minute ‘virtual coffee’ and business strategy session with me, where we will determine what you need to do to take YOUR business to the next level just email me today and get booked in.  I have only 3 of these sessions a month available, and as you are a MBT receiver – you are very welcome to book a session.   There is no obligation – on either side – to work together going forwards, and you will come away with some ideas you can implement in your business straight away – either on recruitment, social media and marketing, HR, team development or anything else that comes up on the day.

So – get your virtual coffee appointment booked in here.

I look forward to speaking to you

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