How to use Social Media at Live Events

How to use Social Media at Live Events

How to use Social Media at Live Events

So – right at this second I am sitting in the Thistle Hotel Heathrow, about to do 4 days of coaching delegates who want to be better public speakers. We are expecting 68 people for 4 x 12 hour days – it’s going to be hard work for the delegates, and for the coaches.

So – one of the opportunities at an event like this is social media and get yourself known to the delegates. In the four days we are here it is possible but unlikely that I will coach all of those 68 people and social media with the event hashtag is a great way to get out your messages to everyone, create a feeling of belonging and have some fun.

So – what should you do if you are attending / speaking at or running an event ?

1. Create and publicise the event hashtag. If you are not the organiser, contact the organiser and suggest one.
2. Make sure the delegates know what the event hashtag is.
3. Put out lots of photos with as many of the delegates as possible – they are more likely to retweet and share if they are in the shot
4. Put in subtle sell tweets every 5 – 7 tweets. So for example – I might tweet ‘Here with some lovely delegates I am about to coach to be brilliant public speakers’. If people didn’t previously know you do that, they know now. And if they do know it is re-inforcing that knowledge and positioning you as an expert.
5. HAVE FUN Social Media is all about having fun – set a competition – publish a photo and ask for caption ideas for a prize (which will be something you offer ideally – a free book, a free one-2-one etc)

There are a number of other things you can do, but put in place the above and that will be a great start in using social media at events.

I hope that helps, and keep reading  because in the next week or two I am going to be announcing a monthly 20 minute “Learn at Lunch” webinar, where I will be sharing a social media tip and answer all your social media questions (well some of them anyway – we only have 20 minutes!) For now – if you are like many business owners in that you know you should be doing something on social media but you don’t know what and even if you did – you don’t have a lot of time, then I can help.

Book yourself in here for a 15 minute strategy call where we can investigate what your social media goals should be and how you can get to the point where you know what you are doing with Social Media and are using it to actually benefit your business (as opposed to being a time suck).

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