Introducing…Carole Fossey

Carole has over 20 years experience in bespoke recruitment of the hardest to fill vacancies – both senior and technical – consultancy or ‘done for you’. Her years in the IT recruitment business mean she is one of the leading recruitment specialists in Manchester. Specialised in solving recruitment problems for clients in the areas of Sales, Marketing, and IT, she now specialises in finding MD’s and other Director level posts for Small Businesses.  She has offices in the North West of England but services clients throughout the UK and Northern Europe.

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Do you need to get out of your own way?

There is a time in a small business when the business will either stay at the level it is at….or it will move on.  Often for the business to grow the business owner needs to let go of some reins and focus on what only THEY are uniquely qualified to do.   If that description fits you – then speak to us.  We offer consultancy on what your business needs next to grow, and how to achieve that. It often means Finding and Hiring Directors for Your Small Businesses.

At, we use a copyright competency based interviewing system – known as IBIS to ensure we have a culture fit as well as a skills fit. We all know people who have been for an interview and even got a new job based on having the right skills – only to leave shortly after because the culture fit was not right. Our candidates are matched properly and we only recommend those we know are a fit. And we back this up with our free replacement guarantee.

To discuss your job search / candidate search or any aspect of this website – call 0161 638 5722 or email Carole at

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