Here Is THE Answer To All Marketing Questions

Here Is THE Answer To All Marketing Questions

Here Is THE Answer To All Marketing Questions

You didn’t know I was a genius, did you?  No, neither did I! But I do have the answer to all marketing questions and if you bear with me – I will share it with you, I promise.

But first – what led me to this amazing answer?

Well, when I started my social media business back in June 2015, I didn’t know as much as I do now – but I did know quite a lot.  I had a 10-year stint in advertising in the 80’s/90’s, so I understood the principles of marketing.  And I had an early interest in the internet and social media (read my bio if your interested – this is not my CV!).

The problem was – when I started my social media business, I thought I had to know ALL the answers.  Well – that was a bit ridiculous really when you think about it.  Especially in this type of business as the social media universe changes on an almost daily basis. 

As a social media marketer – one person surely can’t know all the answers.  We are a bit like a GP crossed with a software developer.  If you have seen the back end of any software or app – you will see that there are a million different ways to code.  None of them are inherently right or wrong, but some may be better for certain things. 

Likewise, as a GP, you probably know a bit about most things, and specialise in a few areas.  So not knowing the answer to all questions.

I don’t know – but I suspect – this is a common theme for most business owners at the start of their journey.  You feel like you have to know everything or else you will lose credibility – when actually you are far more likely to lose credibility if you fluff it and pretend you know.  Much better to say – ‘oh I’m not the expert on X, so and so on my team will know – so I will get back to you on that’, and then find the answer and go back to them.

The trouble with a lot of marketing is – it’s all a bit nebulous isn’t it?  And it is subjective.  What one person loves, another will not resonate with at all.

Even if you have run a campaign before for a client there are no guarantees it will work exactly the same way next time.  The Facebook algorithm might have changed, the time of year might affect things, the economy, Brexit!

And try running a campaign that was successful for another client, and there are even less guarantees it will work. Too many new variables! 

So, the answer to ANY and ALL marketing questions is this. 


Whether the question is – will this ad strategy work for me/should we try this headline/will this image work better or that one/how much budget should we put against these ads.  Whatever the question, the answer is – TEST IT.

It used to be the case – especially on Facebook – that if you found you had a successful ad you could continue to run it – almost indefinitely.  That strategy no longer works. Try it if you don’t believe me. 

A campaign that had got a client of mine to 22,000 fans on her FB Page over a period of months, just stopped working.  A client who had used the same ads to generate interest for her events for years, couldn’t get a single registration.  You see, the problem is that there are so many variables. 

The algorithms on all social media platforms change on a seemingly almost daily basis!    Your audience can get image blindness, to stuff they have seen before.  There might be a change in the economy, or a new trend which affects results.  Currently I am seeing a swing away from paid events.

What I mean by that is – a few years ago you could advertise your event some months in advance and get good sign up and show up rates.  Now it seems, that people are reluctant to commit to something more than a couple of days in advance.  Time is the new most precious commodity,.  It’s not really the money that’s a problem – it’s the time commitment.  People will sign up for a free event because it “doesn’t matter” if they don’t go. 

So, the key is you have to keep testing.  Test, test and test some more and when you get bored of testing, get someone else to keep testing!  And have realistic expectations.  Don’t expect your first attempt to work.  If it does – great, but expect it to fail and learn what worked or didn’t work about it and then – keep testing!

And while you are testing keep it small.  You don’t have to spend – in fact I would suggest that you do NOT – spend a lot when testing.  Why would you spend hundreds a day on something you aren’t sure is going to work / work as well as it could.  Spend £3 a day, £5 a day, maybe £10-15 at the very most depending on your budget, and how well you know your numbers and the price of your offering.

If you KNOW that for every 100 people you get on your website you convert 2% and each customer is worth £3,000 over their lifetime, then you can decide it is worth spending £100, £300 or even more to acquire them. But if you don’t know these figures then I would aim for the average cost per lead across Facebook. (Approx £1.25)

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