Ever Thought, “Why Didn’t I do This Ages Ago?”

Ever Thought, “Why Didn’t I do This Ages Ago?”

Ever Thought, “Why Didn’t I do This Ages Ago?”

Is there something you have always wanted to do? Like starting your own business, or flying first class or learning another language?  Maybe there are smaller things that you have had in your head for a while, like starting a blog, or getting your head around Facebook ads, or developing a new product or service?

Well, what’s stopping you? No really, please take a moment to think about what that is.   Maybe the BIG project (starting your business) seems too big, or perhaps there doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day to write a weekly blog or develop your new service or product idea.

Well, that was me for the last 18 months.  I have had in my head that I wanted to run a retreat for female (and possibly later, male) business owners.  But my retreat was going to be different.  I don’t know about you – but I feel slightly guilty about going on a ‘retreat’.  I mean there is so much to do at home and in my business – who can justify expensive ‘me time’ when it’s sometimes hard to justify “free” me time at home at the weekend!

So, for my retreat – I wanted to get shit done AND have fun.  I could see the combination.  I attend many conferences and it’s all work no play.  Some go on into late in the evening, and for me personally, whilst this might give great value, it’s not fun always fun in that it totally knocks me out physically.  Fibromyalgia and 12 – 14-hour days do not mix.

Then there are other training workshops I have been on recently where they finish at 5.30 or 6, but then you are left to go back to your room like a lone, lonely, loner – or find some other delegate to attach yourself to, who may turn out to be the best person you have spoken to in forever……but maybe not.

I didn’t want either of those things.  I wanted my retreat to help the delegates to get focused on their business and actually get stuff done, whilst also having time for chilling out, bonding as a group and with the people running the retreat, and having a fun experience.

But still, I didn’t get around to actually doing it.  I talked about doing one last year in the Philippines but then didn’t leave enough time to organise it.  What was stopping me doing it?  I didn’t know, but there was a missing link.  And for me, the missing link was Tracey Jones-Bolding.

Tracey is a recent fellow coach at the Professional Speakers Academy. We were sharing a room at an event we were coaching on, and one evening over dinner I shared my idea with her.  She was immediately massively enthusiastic, and said it was something she also wanted to do.  As we talked I knew she was the missing link.

You see, I have always been very independent and reasonably brave.  I have started several businesses, some have failed, some have succeeded.  I am not afraid of much.  But the point of the retreats was to achieve stuff WHILST having fun.  And for me, running this retreat alone didn’t feel like fun.

We are at the end of Day 2 (of 4) and I KNOW we have done the right thing and THIS is what I am supposed to be doing.  Why?  Because one of the girls in the feedback session this morning said the following:- “I was stuck for a long time.  For the last 2 years it felt like something was missing, something was stopping me moving forward in my business.  Yesterday I realised what it was.  The missing piece was you and Tracey – it was being here on this retreat.  Something has shifted and now I know I can move forward.”

That’s powerful.

And it made me think – why didn’t I do this ages ago?

What are you putting off that you need to be doing?





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