Do Your (Potential) Customers Know About You?

Do Your (Potential) Customers Know About You?

Do Your (Potential) Customers Know About You?

Do Your (Potential) Customers Know About You? 

I did a Facebook live earlier this week, prompted by a client of mine who was having a bad day.  She has had a few disappointments lately – proposals that didn’t come off, that kind of thing.  And she has been through a hard time personally and professionally over the last couple of years.

It can be hard running a business.

No – let me rephrase that.  It is always hard starting a business or trying to grow a business.  When I say hard – I mean hard. 

Do you know what really annoys me? 

When you see business ‘guru’s’ on social media who are “Smashing It” and bounce around like they are on cocaine the whole time (just saying….).  And if you just go on their course – you’ll be a millionaire in 3 weeks, or solve ALL your problems in a weekend. 

And – you know it really – it is bullshit. 

OK – so you can buy a course and if you are lucky there will be some good information in there.  That is not always the case – another client of mine bought a very expensive course – might have been 14k from what I remember.  And she did one call with someone – which made her rethink that perhaps she had been sold a lemon.  She then couldn’t get anyone to take her calls, and their email reply basically said, “tough shit”.

So – you can be sold a line by people who are really good at selling, and then regret it later. 

But even if the course IS good and you learn a lot.  It STILL isn’t going to solve all your problems, or make you a millionaire in 3 weeks.  It will only help you IF you implement it.  And that’s the problem a lot of people have. 

Now – I am sitting next to my lovely business partner and fellow “Get Shit Done” girl – Tracey Jones-Bolding, who was having a mentoring call with a client this morning who had not implemented anything from the last 2 coaching sessions.  That’s very common. 

And here’s the reason that people don’t implement stuff.

They aren’t ready. 

You see – in order to implement stuff you have to have made the decision to change, and realise that actually the person who needs to do that is YOU.  No-one is going to make those changes for you.  And you can go on all the courses, and pay all the coaches you want.  But until you are PASSIONATE and COMMITTED to the new you, the new vision and the new way of thinking, (and therefore BEING and DOING – as my lovely friend and Leadership trainer Julie Hutchison will tell you), then nothing can change.

And this is also the reason that most of your potential customers don’t know about you. 

Because you don’t know about you either. 

One thing some people get criticised for a lot (ok yes – it is mostly men) is that they are not afraid to blow their own trumpet.  The problem with that is there are a lot of people blowing their own trumpet that should actually just keep quiet.  Their trumpet is the best bit about them – and their actual service or product is not really anything special.

A lot of women have incredible knowledge, products and services.  But we don’t shout about it.  We expect that if we just do a great job, are nice to people and don’t overcharge – that people – customers will magically appear. 

Well, sadly, whilst maybe that is what SHOULD happen, it definitely doesn’t.

So, Tracey and I decided to do something about it. 

We have put together a series of “Get Shit Done” retreats – which I probably won’t be able to tell you about on Facebook, because Facebook doesn’t like the word Shit.  The word does not exist to them.  They are in denial about what happens in toilets.  But that aside  – let me tell you more.

The retreats are all about getting your mojo back.  They are about taking away all the distractions, and the excuses for procrastination.  It is about spending time on you and your business because even through business IS hard – it should also be fun.  It should be about learning and excitement, and creativity and – most of all – FUN. 

If something isn’t giving you joy why are you doing it?  Really – come one – life is TOOO short to do stuff you hate. 

So, we are getting together for 4 days of FUN, SUPPORT and FOCUS to sort out your sales and social media.  So that your potential clients not only KNOW about you, but you are the obvious person to come to, the only person that pops in their mind when they think about your service.  It’s about time, isn’t it?

If you would like to find out more about how to join us in these ALL INCLUSIVE, 4* Spa resorts, in a single room (yes we are not 14 anymore, we like our own space.  Well there are a couple of twins if you WANT to share), on the 2-5th October or the 13-16th November, then get in touch.  The only thing you have to find is your flights.  Here is the link

So, back to my client above.  She is of course, amazing at what she does.  She has just got bogged down in the social media noise of how ‘good’ everyone else is doing.  Which is mostly just smoke and mirrors anyway.  What she needs to do is look at what she has done to date, what she wants to do in the future, and then focus on getting the right message out, to the right people, at the right time.  (I know something that can help with that).

And that can only happen when she is 100% all-in committed to what she is doing, and to focusing on herself and not on everyone else.  Because she is brilliant.  All her clients KNOW she is brilliant.  And all her potential clients deserve to know it too.  Do yours? 

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