Who Did You Have To Climb Over?

Who Did You Have To Climb Over?

Who Did You Have To Climb Over?

Now don’t be offended – I wasn’t implying anything.  Let me explain.

I am on my way to Australia with my 18 year old daughter to visit our family (most of them are over in Sydney), and we go as often as we can but not as often as we would like!   Last time we went British Airways and the time before that it was KLM, but this time we are flying Etihad.

I have flown Etihad from Manchester a few times and it is mostly OK.  Sometimes great.  Given a choice I prefer BA – much bigger hand baggage allowance and I prefer the food in business.  However, the one thing that lets the BA business class down is the fact you have to climb over someone if you are in the window seat.  And I do mean literally.

If you are in a window seat and the person on the aisle is asleep – you literally have to climb over their legs to get out into the aisle.  I know – first world problems eh?

I don’t always fly business class – the first time was last year BA to Barbados – which my very kind Mother paid for upgrading to, because it was our 25th wedding anniversary.  And what an eye opener it was.  This is the way everyone should travel.  No cramped seats.  No swollen ankles because your feet are up the whole time.   The ability to sleep without getting a permanent crick in your neck. Food served on actual plates.

And I made a decision that – from now on – wherever possible – I will travel business class.  Because – as L’Oreal would say – I’m worth it.   Because I can get a good few hours work done (they have wifi on Etihad).  And because it makes the whole travelling long haul experience one which is a pleasure and not a chore.  You may not know because I don’t really talk about it, but I have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  Which makes sitting or standing for a long time in one position a wee bit painful (I’m understating).

I manage it pretty well, and apart from a slight limp at times, and the NEED to have min 8 hours sleep a night – it doesn’t get in the way.  However, I am learning to be kind to myself and do what works best for me, without guilt and without apology.

I’m a good person, mostly.  I definitely DON’T walk over people to get what I want in life.  If anything – the other way around.  And at my age – 30 several – I have come to realise that I deserve to look after myself.  I deserve to look after my own needs first – because if I don’t I won’t be able to look after anyone else’s.

So, my question for you is.  In 2018 – what are YOU doing to look after yourself without climbing over other people.  Are you putting your own needs (not wants) first, and looking after your physical and mental health, your relationships and your peace of mind.

If not why not?

I have a really good feeling about 2018.  The New Year has started really well for us – with lots of new clients and also new team members.  If you want 2018 to be YOUR best year yet, then maybe it is time to start looking after yourself more and putting yourself first.  And on the basis that you are the sum of the 10 people you spend the most time with, perhaps it is time to look at joining a mastermind group.

It can be really lonely heading up a business.  As a solopreneur or a SME business owner, there is often no-one at your level to share idea’s with, to act as a sounding board and to question you when you are NOT putting yourself first.  If this is the year for YOU – then email me and put Mastermind in the subject line.  And when I  ‘Return from Oz’ I will give you a call and we can talk about our Mastermind and how it can ensure you have your best year yet!

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