Are You One Of Twitters Chosen Few?

Are You One Of Twitters Chosen Few?

Are You One Of Twitters Chosen Few?

In a surprise move yesterday, Twitter doubled the character limit of tweets to 280. Most people won’t notice but if you are one of the people who gets annoyed by constantly having to tweak your tweet so it fits Twitters 140 character limit, don’t get too excited as it is only for selected accounts for the time being and you could be randomly picked to be one of the “lucky ones”.

I wonder if the Donald, will be one of the ‘lucky ones’. I am pretty sure he would appreciated not having to divide his rantings over quite so many tweets.

So, if they decide to keep this feature, will it be a good thing or a bad thing? The reason Twitter is testing this out in the first place is – apparently – because the amount of frustration it’s users were experiencing. Anybody that says they haven’t got slightly annoyed at trying to “compress” their message (or just totally given up on it in a fit of rage) has memory issues. Now, what was I saying…….

Oh yes – twitter limits. Is 140 better?

Well it is what has forced users to be short and snappy in their tweets. Hence why it’s also one of the best platforms for humour ever invented. Famous comedians like Ricky Gervais are seemingly addicted to it. But Twitter has also turned hundreds of thousands of “ordinary” non-famous users into published wits, with their best one-liners going viral in a matter of minutes. And this is exactly what Twitter is all about in our opinion.

Here are a few examples if you fancy a giggle:


As a way of consuming information, it’s fast and exhilarating (well…as fast and exhilarating as looking at a screen can be). That’s why whenever big news breaks, Twitter is the best place to go. It’s almost always faster and more efficient than television, radio, newspapers, or any other source and obviously is a good place for conversation about the topic.

So, will this change if they do decide to extend it to 280 characters? Because let’s face it, none of this needs twice the number of characters. And of course, the longer tweets are, the fewer you can digest in a minute. Longer tweets means more unnecessary “fluff”. Here’s a longer tweet about longer tweeting:

Snore. Got bored half way through reading. Plus, I’m very busy, I don’t have time for 280 Characters – this is Twitter, not War and Peace. Also, personally speaking – there are other tweaks that I would appreciate far ore – like the ability to edit a tweet. It is lightly irritating when you write a tweet quickly, post it, then realise you have made a mistake. An edit button would be a boon.

Within the team we are split – Tom doesn’t think this will become a permanent thing, I’m not sure but I guess the user feedback will decide it. What do you think… good or bad idea? Tweet us your opinion (in less than 140 characters please if you’re part of the privileged #280 crew) at @StrategySMedia

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