Are You In Flow?

Are You In Flow?

Are You In Flow?

You know what I mean right?  There are those times when everything just works, where nothing feels difficult. Time becomes irrelevant and in that moment everything….well it just works. These are moments when you are in flow.  When you are operating in your genius zone.

Everyone has stuff they are good at, right?  Often these are things that you are naturally good at / interested in / have a flair for.  But not always.  You can work at something until you are great at it.  My daughter always loved to sing from being little.  I sang to her a lot as a child – because singing is somewhere that I am in flow.  To be honest – she couldn’t hold a note as a child.

But she really really wanted to sing, and so I took her to lessons, to choir, we sang together, and she joined an acting, singing and dancing school.  And she practised, practised, practised.  And now – well she is a great singer and when she sings certain songs, you can tell she is in flow.

The point is, however you get there, you should try and operate as much of your time as possible in your Flow Zone.

Now clearly, as a small business owner and not a millionaire (yet) there are times when you have to do stuff which is not your core genius zone.  The ABSOLUTE best way to do this is with others.  There’s nothing worse than tackling stuff you really are disinterested in or actually hate, on your own.  Because you just won’t get around to it.

Now – that reminds me of 2 weeks ago at our GSD Launch Pad, Retreat (Get Shit Done) in Mallorca.  There were 10 amazing women there, some of whom are not in their genius zone to be fair, when it comes to digital marketing.

But because they were all in the same boat, and supported in the process, they all got much more done on their digital marketing then they would have believed possible before the retreat.  So I urge you – when you are not in flow – find a support structure where you can be held accountable, supported and encouraged to get those frogs eaten!

Here’s the thing.  I didn’t know for certain, until I was on the retreat, that this was a Flow Zone for me.  I did know (because I went on another retreat where I found out some interesting stuff about me) that my purpose is to seek and give clarity.  And so perhaps I should have known, that being in a situation where I am imparting complex knowledge in a simple and clear way, supporting and encouraging others, is one of my Flow Zones.

It was when I saw all the delegates sitting together, deeply involved in conversations with people that they didn’t know the week before, that I realised.  I was in my flow zone.  This is something I absolutely SHOULD be doing and doing more of.  So in 2019, my and my lovely cohort, Tracey Jones-Bolding, will be running up to 7 retreats on a variety of subjects around growing your business.  And I am excited and energised by that prospect (which is another way you know you are in flow).

The other times when I am in flow are when I am speaking from stage, and when I am coaching public speaking.  And always – when I am writing.

I am a wordsmith.  I have always been able write in a way that is clear and conveys messages.  Whether through stories, examples, metaphors or written ‘oration’.  When I was at school I used to get comments on m written work (which I am sure was not meant to be complimentary) to the effect that I wrote like I spoke.

Well, if that means that it sounds like I am speaking to you – lovely reader – then I am down with that – as the kids say.  Or in my ‘old fashioned’ speak – I think that’s cool.

I never want anyone reading anything I have written to say ‘what does that mean?’ or ‘too many big words’.  But I do love to write, and am in flow most of the time when writing.  Time stands still when I write.  Sometimes I find I have written my (or someone else’s) blog in 20 minutes.  Other times it might be 2 hours, but whatever – time stands still and I flow, when I write.

And so I am on a train down to London, where tonight I am at the book launch of my latest book.  This one is a first for me.  It is a joint venture book written by 38 members of the Association of Transformational Leaders, Europe.  It was an honour to be asked to join such a prestigious bunch of European Leaders, and an equally big honour to be asked to write one of the 38n chapters of “Transformation Lessons, 38 Insights to Manifest Your Best Life”.

My chapter is about a girl I coached to do a 6 minute presentation from stage which resulted in her raising £600k in one night, and freeing 500 children from horrific orphanages.  That’s a legacy.

Both the writing of the chapter, the writing of the 6 minute speech and the coaching of the lovely women who presented it, were all times when I was in flow.  That’s some of my best work as a human being.  I was in my Flow Zone.

So – let me ask you – when are you in Flow?  Are you spending enough time there?  And if not – is it time to do something about it?

If you want to change the percentage of time you spend in flow – email me on and book a free strategy session with me (I do 3 a month) where we can find out when you are in flow, and what we need to do to get you there more of the time.

Oh – and wish me luck for the book launch later on!!


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