7 Ways To Stand Out and Grow Your Magnetic Business – Part 4

7 Ways To Stand Out and Grow Your Magnetic Business – Part 4

7 Ways To Stand Out and Grow Your Magnetic Business – Part 4

  1. Be A Movie Star


NO, I’m not talking about being an ACTUAL movie star, but what I mean is – you have to get comfy in front of a camera.  Video is where it is at nowadays.  Social media has contributed vastly to the world in many ways.  One of the things it has contributed to which is sometimes not a positive is short attention spans.  Most people just don’t have the time or the patience to read long posts on social media, but they will watch a video. 4 x as many consumers said they would rather watch a video about something than read about it.  Last year it was predicted that in 2017 video would represent 74% of internet traffic.  If you aren’t doing it, you are missing out on ¾ of your traffic.

The majority of people who come to a website will click away very quickly if the site doesn’t have the information they expect, (there are 2 other main reasons people click away from a homepage, but visuals is one of the top three).  They will stick around for longer if there is an engaging, relevant and interesting video on there.

And in these days of social media – people like to feel like they know people.  It is an extension of what happened in the old days, when I was young lol.  So – have you ever had a feeling you knew someone?

I remember being at a very swanky party.  This was an invite from one of my old bosses from Yellow Pages – he was a cool dude, even then.  And years later after leaving Yellow Pages he decided to open a plastic surgery business in the heart of Cheshire and invited a lot of his old contacts from Yellow Pages to the party.

Well – he had a lovely (huge) house in the middle of the Cheshire countryside.  And he had a couple of DB9’s outside.  Nice!   Only my dream car.  And it was a lot of fun catching up with a lot of old faces, and finding out what the new business was all about.  And throughout the evening there was a face which I kept glimpsing through the crowds and in passing, and we would nod and smile at each other.  But for the life of me I couldn’t remember his name.

We even had a bit of a chat, and – being embarrassed to admit I didn’t know his name, we parted with a “good to see you again” from me and a “yes indeed” from him.

It was only later that night on the drive home (my long suffering and non-drinking other half was chauffeuring as always so I could indulge in the endless champagne), the reason I couldn’t remember the guy’s name.  It was because I didn’t know him.  He didn’t and never had worked at Yellow Pages.  He was an actor from Coronation Street.  He was clearly too polite to point out that he had no idea who I was or why I was talking to him like a long-lost friend.  He was probably used to it happening.

Because – you do kind of feel you know someone if you see them a lot on the tele don’t you?

And that’s how it is on social media.

Social Media – it’s like having a relationship in the virtual world.  Even if people don’t engage in live conversations with the people they see or follow, if they see them enough – in video – they feel they know them.

You want your ‘tribe’ to feel like they know YOU, and so it is vital to include video – everywhere.  On your website, on your landing pages, on your Facebook, Twitter, and other profiles.  Because people are far more likely to engage with you, buy from you or join your tribe, if they feel they know you.  And video is kind of like the new TV.

Don’t believe me?

Nov 2015 – Facebook had 8 BILLION daily video views and that had grown 100% in the previous 6 months.  If growth has continued at that rate (and the actual facts are hard to find) then by now there may be as many as 64 billion daily video views on FB – which is more than YouTube, although YouTube hours are up there – with 1 billion hours’ worth watched a day.  Now compare that with TV ownership – 1.45 billion households in the world.  So, looks like TV is still winning – for now.  However!!

For the under 24’s – 67% in one survey said they could live without TV, but could not live without YouTube, Netflix and Facebook.   And most of their video is consumed on these channels – so watch out TV.

The good news for you – is that you don’t have to be on TV, to be a ‘TV’ star nowadays – video will do it.  So, get on your Facebook live right now (3 x mores watched and 10x more commented on than non-live video).  Apologies this is not a FB live but hey – them’s the breaks!

If you need any help with creating great content for your video’s or just need to talk through what you should be doing or how to do it, drop me an email to carole@carolefossey.com – or better still send me a video message on messenger, or skype (carolefossey).

See you soon


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