3 Things Your Recruiter Will Never Tell You

3 Things Your Recruiter Will Never Tell You

3 Things Your Recruiter Will Never Tell You

If you decide to use a recruiter there are a number of things your recruiter should tell you, but probably won’t.

There can be many reasons that you may be better off using an agency.  Not least among those is that recruitment is a full time job.  Unless you have 4 – 6 weeks to divert attention from what you should be doing to recruitment, I strongly suggest you use someone whose day job this is.

If you are NOT using an agency because you want to save a fee, then you are in danger of costing yourself more in the long run. How much is your time worth?   Since an average recruitment process takes 4 – 6 weeks, how much is 4-6 weeks of your time worth?  I would hazard a guess that is worth more than a fee.

There are many others reasons to use an agency, which I won’t go into here, but once you have decided to use one – there are 3 key things you need to be aware of.  If your agency tells you these things then they are a keeper.

1.  The person you are looking for doesn’t exist.  Often – and especially in a small business – you are so passionate about how brilliant your company and service is, that it seems perfectly reasonable that any sane person would want to come and work twice as hard for you for half the market value of the position.  Your agency should be giving you a reality check about what it is reasonable to expect for the salary level you are hoping to pay.

If they do – please don’t assume they are doing this to increase their fee.  Personally – our fees are set in advance and don’t go up or down, with salary offered.  However, in most agencies – where the fee is directly related to the salary, a good agency will be advising on where to pitch your salary.  This is not for their benefit – it is for YOURS.  If they DON’T tell you this, then be assured your role will go to the bottom of the pile, under those with more realistic salary expectations, that they know they can fill.

2. It is more important to get the right person than to get the person quickly.   Yes, I know recruitment is always done on the back foot.  You didn’t expect someone to resign and now you are panicking and desperate to get a bum on a seat.  And clients and agencies always say – it is more important to get the right person than to get someone quickly.  They always SAY that, but in practice what happens is that speed becomes the MIC – Most Important Criteria.

In my business I won’t work any longer, with clients who use other agencies.  That is because we offer a quality service, where the match is paramount.  We cannot and do not want to compete with the larger agencies where it is all about speed.  If you want speed – go there.  And then come back when you have to re-recruit 6 months down the line.

3.  A quality agency understands that the CULTURE match is the most important criteria.  People who leave companies don’t leave because they can’t do that job.  They leave because they can’t do that job THERE.  Anyone who has been successfully employed previously as a marketing manager for example, can clearly do the job of a marketing manager.  They may NOT be able to be YOUR marketing manager.

Hire on skills, fire on attitude – is one of my sayings which is intrinsically true.

Don’t be so blown away by the CV’s and the skills that you don’t recruit on culture fit, or you compromise on that. An agency that doesn’t screen for culture fit, that doesn’t have a system for being able to identify that, is not doing a proper job.  They are skills matching and interested in turnover, as it creates more opportunities to fill more vacancies.  Question your agency about what their culture matching process is, if they don’t discuss this with you.  I would suggest, if they don’t tell you about their culture matching process, it is because they don’t have one.

In which case – good luck with that!

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